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AllKill is a biocidal product produced in Poland, created without the alcohol. The active substance is dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride (C12-18) alkyl. It’s hard to pronounce, isn’t it? But thanks to the detailed studies of 15 years confirming the effectiveness of All Kill, it’s not hard to believe in its effect at all.

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How to use QuickSept with AllKill:

  1. Open the QUICKSEPT dispenser and take out the bottle.
  2. Pour in 50 ml of AllKill liquid and close QUICKSEPT.
  3. When you want to disinfect your hands, press 2-3 times the upper part of the device and spread the liquid on your hands for about 30 seconds. Remember about the space between your fingers and about your nails.
  4. When finished, repeat this step one more time.

You are now ready for action, because the liquid does not leave an unpleasant sticky or greasy film on your hand.

If your hands are visibly dirty, make sure to wash them with soap and water first.

You can also use AllKill for surface disinfection:

  • To fight bacteria – leave All Kill on the surface for 5 minutes;
  • To fight yeast-like fungi, leave All Kill on the surface for 15 minutes,
  • For anti-viral activity, leave All Kill on the surface for 1 minute.

Always follow the manufacturer’s specific recommendations on the packaging and / or in the leaflet.