The coronavirus pandemic took away not only our sense of security, but also everyday, friendly greetings, including the most important ones – a handshake and a welcoming smile – now hidden under the mask.

How to greet the client if our smile is hidden under the mask?
How to show to the client that we are ready to welcome and serve them?

We had to re-learn the basics of hygiene – washing our hands the right way and often was one of the first WHO recommendations for COVID-19 prevention.

The virus has created the new security needs. Consumer entering the store today  wants to be sure that employees not only disinfect surfaces and shelves. It is also important for the consumer that staff, who frequently handles products, maintains appropriate hand hygiene.

It is the sales team or  the consultant hand disinfection that sets the new company’s standards today. It is also an expression of respect for the customer.

The habit of disinfecting hands by the sellers’ every time they come in contact with a customer should be the new reality for all of us develop.

Nowadays, when a smile is hidden under the mask, this intuitive disinfection is a new way of greeting, a new invitation to talk, interact and finally purchase.

QUICKSEPT is a small, handy device that is an excellent, individual hand disinfection tool for each employee. We can easily personalise them for you by adding the company’s logo on the selected colour of the  dispenser.