QUICKSEPT user’s manual

QUICKSEPT is a personal hand sanitiser dispenser. An atomizer in the tool evenly sprays on the disinfectant on the surface of the palm to obtain the best sanitising result.

How to refill QUICKSEPT

Pour the liquid into the dispenser, following the instructions:

  1. Hold the lower part of the dispenser to remove the top cover of the device.
  2. The atomizer head should remain in the top cover *. Unscrew the cap and remove it from the bottle.
  3. Fill the bottle with hand sanitiser.
  4. Put the cap on the bottle and close it throughly. Make sure that that the container is locked tightl.
  5. Put the liquid bottle in the bottom lid, then put the top lid on the bottom lid.
CAUTION - When carrying out the last step, keep the container away from your face and eyes. When you put the bottom cover on the top, the atomiser will release a spray.
NOTE - The atomiser head can sometimes stay in the bottle - that’s ok! It that happens remember that while inserting the bottle back into the cover, the nozzles of the atomiser and the dispenser should be turned into the same direction.


  • Use the clip to attach the QUICKSEPT to a belt or pocket , etc. 
  • Reach into the QUICKSEPT dispenser with one hand.
  • Place your thumb on the top of the QUICKSEPT and your other fingers on the bottom of the dispenser.
  • Squeeze the device twice vigorously.
  • Rub the liquid on both hands, remembering about the space between your fingers.
  • Repeat if necessary.