Safety is in your hands

Quicksept - Effective Safe Disinfection

QUICKSEPT is a handy and compact dispenser created for an effective and safe hands’ disinfection. It can be attached to a belt, purse or pocket thanks to a useful clip.

Innovative QUICKESEPT is the fastest and most effective hand disinfection tool on the market. 

AllKill + QuickSept

The perfect duo for your fight against the SARS-COV-2 virus

How to use QUICKSEPT

QUICKSEPT is operated with one hand. A light pressure on the top of the dispenser is just enough to get the right dose of disinfectant.

The 50 ml bottle is sufficient for 100 uses. The pocket-sized QUICKSEPT fits in hand perfectly and is very light too – the weight of the liquid dispenser is only 100 grams. QUICKSEPT is manufactured in Poland, and has a Polish and European patent.

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