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Check our alternative to hydroalcoholic gel

By 2 November 2021Uncategorized

Are you also tired of hydroalcoholic gel? Yet hand hygiene is more important than ever with the fierce return of seasonal illnesses and the unexpected fragility of our bodies. 

What is the alternative? Find out more….


What alternative to hydroalcoholic gel? 


At a time when we need it more than ever (“seasonal” diseases are galloping back and many are transmitted by contact) there is a real “disenchantment” with gel. 

The list of reasons for this fed up is as long as a lockdown:


  • Small, poor quality and impractical plastic bottles. Very poor design, not quite the kind of product we like to take with us. 
  • Difficult to correctly dose the amount of gel. Grrr I put on too much, it will stick for 1 hour … 
  • But where did I put this f…. bottle? And we contaminate all while looking for it at the bottom of the bag or in our pocket. 
  • Of course, we don’t have it when we need it. And the opportunities are numerous, public transport, ATM, shopping trolley, kindergarten, etc … 
  • The bottle is almost empty, should I pick it up or throw it away? 
  • ● The bottle is not expensive but I only use it a few times. In the end, it’s expensive. 
  • Try to disinfect a surface with a bottle of gel (handle of a shopping cart or chain of a swing). Everything gets wet and sticky. 
  • The disposable plastic bottle is not a green solution. After a few uses, we throw the bottle in the trash. The worst is of course to throw away a bottle still containing hydroalcoholic gel.
  • Almost all the offer contains alcohol and the communication insists on a minimum of 60% alcohol: 

It smells strong and very bad 

It damages the skin 

Not pleasant to use just before eating a sandwich for example. 

I tried it with my kids… it’s “athletic”. 

Painful in case of a small wound.


  • The main offer is a gel (hydroalcoholic): 

The hands are sticky or greasy. 

Hands stay wet too long. 

Unpleasant feeling when you put the gel on the skin 

Thank you to all these “public” places which generously offer us a nice nut of gel at the entrance!


In fact, the offer does not meet consumers’ expectations at all and the experience is very bad. 

All professionals who need to disinfect their hands regularly know this well. 


So what alternative since the hygiene of our hands is imperative? 


QuickSept and Allkill re-invent hand sanitization. 


QuickSept is a portable and compact hand sanitizer that goes everywhere with me. QuickSept has a modern, pleasant and discreet design. Or fashionable or funny by playing on its colors.


  • Thanks to its clip, Quicksept attaches to a belt, a badge, a handbag or just a pocket. 
  • Always at hand. No more digging into my bag or pocket contaminating everything I touch. 
  • Light pressure with one hand is all it takes to get the right dose of disinfectant. 
  • QuickSept is a quick and easy solution. It’s intuitive and instantaneous, no time wasted. 
  • Pshitt pshitt, I rub my hands and it’s done, my hands are sanitized. 
  • I limit the amount of plastic I throw away and I save money. 
  • I avoid wasting disinfectant. A light pressure is enough to obtain the right dose of liquid. 
  • Quicksept is almost empty? I easily fill it with a disinfectant liquid (liquid, no gel). I avoid a few plastic bottles in the trash. 
  • The disinfectant liquid sold in bulk is very cheap compared to small bottles. Very quickly we save money. 
  • QuickSept recommends Allkill for the most enjoyable and efficient solution. 
  • Allkill, a virucidal and biocidal liquid without a drop of alcohol standard EN14476. 
  • Does not only destroy Covid-19 but also all kinds of viruses, bacteria, fungi. 
  • No odor, it’s like spraying water on your hands. 
  • The feeling is pleasant when spraying on the hands which dry immediately. 
  • Easy to use with children “a pshitt of water on the hands”. 
  • Easy to use for all professionals in contact with the public (sales representatives, beauticians, nurses, waiters, etc.) 
  • Hypoallergenic, it does not damage the skin. 
  • It’s so easy to sanitize a surface with a QuickSept full of Allkill (handle of a supermarket cart, swing chain, or rental bicycle handlebars)


QuickSept and Allkill, the perfect answer to consumer needs.